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Deep Winter

I grew up in Rochester , NY, spent a few Winters in Chicago and Menominee , WI. As a kid it was great playing in the snow. Our Boy Scout troop had winter camping events. We had Army surplus bags not made for Winter . Getting out of your bag to pee in the middle of the night wasnt much fun, to say the least. I say all that to say that Deep Winter has a particular charm when you are not having to fight with it. I love the quiet when human activity stops and we wait out the storm. As I write this, many folks are suffering through this season . I don’t want to downplay the human suffering that is part of this harsh season.

The Trio performed live on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. We stayed on for two hours. Over 1000 people have watched the whole show. If you haven’t seen it you can find it on Facebook on my Stuart Bonnington Music page. We will be doing another one in a couple of weeks.

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